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Topics for Professional Development/Keynote Presentations

  • They are not at-risk, they are at-promise! How do I connect with at-promise students?

  • How do I become a culturally responsive practitioner?

  • How do I remain passionate as an educator?

  • I'm a brand new teacher, what do I need to know?

  • Are you a champion for all of your students?

  • Am I honoring diversity, equity and inclusion as a educator?

  • How can I develop a growth mindset?

Let us get your staff FIRED UP about being an educator! Frank and I would love to keynote and workshops based upon the 4 domains of being--and remaining, FIRED UP as a teacher or leader. We can customize our workshops or presentations to fit the needs of your staff.

"If you ever get to meet Michele Hill in person, you will be able to feel her energy when she walks in the room. I first “met” Michele online through our Twitter connections. Fast forward through many tweets, chats, then Voxer messages, emails, and texts, and it led to us presenting together with two other ladies at an ASCD Conference. None of us had met in person, but I still remember when Michele and I were finally occupying the same space and time. Her passion and joy is palpable and contagious. She believes in teachers, students, and education with her whole heart!" --Jennifer Hogan

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