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"Fired Up Teachership is focused on reigniting passion, keeping the fire stoked, and strategies and insights that help educators navigate the highs and lows.--Jen Hogan, school leader,&author
“Teaching is hard. The stresses of our profession can weigh heavily upon all of us, but there is still a way to thrive. This is the path that is illuminated by Frank Rudensky and Michele Hill in Fired Up Teachership. They write from the heart, and that is exactly what they tap into… the desire of every educator to make a difference.”--Danny Steele Ed.D., Author and Presenter

Whether you're a first-year teacher or a veteran teacher in our profession, this book is a must-read...not because you're not passionate, but because the higher the fire for our profession is, the more impact we'll have on those who we serve."--Emily Francis-Teacher of ESL

“What a wonderful treasure this book is! It is a reminder of the gifts we, as teachers, start every day with, and the opportunities we have to impact. Although there are so many factors out of our control, there really are so many things that we DO have control of. Both Frank and Michele share such beautiful, diverse, and inspiring stories and also so much to reflect upon. I found that this book left me constantly looking inward and searching for ways to not only strengthen my practice, but also for ways to lead by example. Whether you are a first year teacher or a teacher with 27 years of experience (like me) you will be ‘Fired Up’ about the profession!” --Jennifer Lee QuattrucciM.Ed Education Leadership, Author of Educate the Heart: Screen-Free Activities for PreK-6 to Inspire Authentic Learning

Several businesses, organizations, and companies are looking for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Officers. As I recently read chapter 7 (“Equity and Diversity”) by Michele Hill and Frank Rudnesky’s, Fired Up Teachership, I realized that there are “DEI Officers” in schools and classrooms across the country. Many teachers are creating diverse, equitable, and inclusive spaces that welcome and honor students and families. These spaces are created intentionally and, in this chapter, Hill, and Rudnesky share practical, actionable strategies that teachers can implement immediately.

I highly recommend this book for educators who are interested in creating and nurturing caring, supportive and culturally responsive classrooms.--Paul Forbes

Former Executive Director of Educational Equity, Anti-Bias and Diversity, NYC DOE

Founder of Leading with Hearts and Minds

Real! Refreshing! Inspirational! Frank and Michele share a message of how we can find joy in teaching, leading, and how each of us can be a difference-maker.--Dr. Evan Robb, Principal , Author, Presenter

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